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What I am excited for this Christmas

I don't know what it is but this year I am so much more excited for Christmas than usual. I think it's because December started off with some typically Christmas weather, freezing temperatures and white trees when you open the curtains in the morning definitely helped get me in the spirit. Now with the decorations up and the Christmas tunes playing I'm almost as hyper as I was as a child! 

There are so many things I love to do this time of year, I thought I would compile a little list of all of those things so we can swap notes and see do we celebrate the same way!

Where's my good karma?

My heart is so heavy right now. My head is pounding, my throat is swelled and I feel like I could burst in to tears at any moment. For some reason, when I am feeling upset I have an urge to just write. Just let it all pour out of my brain. 

Do you ever feel like all you do is be your best but you don't get anything back in return for it? Some people believe in Karma, that if you put goodness out in to the world good things will happen to you. Well why isn't that working for me?

My Week In Square Photos & 140 Characters

Hey Friends. So one of my all time favourite bloggers Sophie Rosie has been doing this blog series 'My Week in Square Photos & 140 Characters' and I am in love with the idea. Basically she shares some of her Instagram photos and Tweets from the past week and talks a little bit about them. I think this is a great way of encouraging you to Instagram and tweet more often and it's a pretty cool way to recap on the week on your blog. 

So I have decided to take a little inspiration from her and to start a similar series on my blog! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy Sophie's!
I was off work all week as I had holidays to take and thought why not lengthen my bank holiday weekend! This meant I had lots of time for chilling in little cafes - one of my favourite things to do! I went to visit a new cafe open in a nearby town. My friend has started working there and I had been promising to pay the place a visit. I had the yummiest chicken falafel and flat white (my coffee of choice these days!) 

The Balm 'Meet Matt(e) Hughes' Review

I am a huge lover of matte liquid lipsticks and I have heard great things about this line by The Balm cosmetics. I don't own any make-up by this brand but I've been dying to try something, the retro packaging and sassy theme are too cool and have definitely reeled me in. 

There are so many liquid lipsticks on the market right now and I have tried a fair few. My favourite were always the NYX soft matte lip creams but these ones are definitely competition. 

I decided to buy the Christmas gift set for myself so I could sample six of the shades and for €25 for six minis when it's €15 for one full size, I thought it was pretty good value. The tubes are pretty small but I feel like they will last a good while and I can always buy a full size of the shades I like. 

A Weekend Exploring Coasts & Caves

Hey Everyone! So I'm not going to start with the whole 'long time no blog' speel because that seems to be the way all my blog posts open lately! But I'm here now and I wanted to document my Halloween weekend here on the blog because I had the BEST time ever!

On Saturday morning my boyfriend and I hit the road for Co.Clare, back to his home town and we spent the weekend being tourists in the surrounding area. The weather was stunning so we were real lucky. 

The first thing we did on Saturday was visit the Cliffs of Moher. I've been here once before, this summer but the weather was horrific and we didn't get to see much of them or go for a walk around them. This time was different and I got the full experience! The cliffs are definitely awe inspiring, at 702 ft tall they really are quiet the drop. My bf walked out by the edge at one point but I stayed safely behind the wall, call me a wimp but I am terrified of heights!
After going for a spin around the County, visiting the nearby town of Lahinch and having dinner with my bf's parents we went and checked in to a gorgeous country house hotel. It was located on top of a hill with a wonderful view across the ocean. It was gorgeous inside, fully decked out in antiques. I had a lovely bath and we got ready to go out in Doolin for the night. 

Staying Upbeat as the daylight lessens

At this time of year most people are celebrating the beginning of a new season. We are done with the heat of summer and are excited to pull out our snug knits and scarves again. However, for many people including myself the reeling in of Autumn and Winter can cause higher levels of sadness, and anxiety and  can lead to a loss of energy and motivation. I mean who doesn't find it being dark by 4pm at least a little bit depressing?! Seasonal affective disorder is very much a thing. In fact it's proven by medicine that the lack of light can cause you to feel down! 

I thought I would share a list of the things I've learned to do to help me stay upbeat as the clocks go back.

A New Season Begins

Well hello there October... you have came around rather fast... it scares me how quickly time is moving, it feels like it should still be the beginning of 2016.

Like many people, I love to embrace Autumn for everything that it is and since October is basically the pinnacle of Autumn I have decided to really push myself to write lots of blog posts this month with a running theme of Autumn/Winter throughout them.  

I think every season marks a new start in a way and I am taking this fresh start to pay more attention to my blog and write more posts. I heard about blogtober, where people write a post every day of the month and I considered that for a minute but then thought 'hell no' that would be like my Everest since I have been really slack lately so don't be expecting that haha. I will be trying to do 2-3 a week though which I will be super chuffed to achieve.