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Everyone Teaches You Something...

They say that everyone comes in to your life for a reason, everyone teaches us something and helps to shape who we are. As my best friend in work left this week it got me thinking about what she added to my life, and what she taught me. Over the past 10 months I've spent almost every day with her for 8 hours a day and I can honestly say she has influenced me a lot and has shaped who I am or at least who I want to be. I feel like making a list of all the things she taught me, so here we go...
  • Beauty comes from within. I've heard this so many times but she proved it to me. She wears zero make-up, never paints her nails or wears fake tan she is just totally natural and gorgeous. She doesn't need all that because she is such a kind and positive person and that's what makes her truly beautiful. That doesn't mean I'm going to stop wearing make-up because I love it but I know that it doesn't really count towards true beauty.
  • Be you and don't care what anyone thinks. She is so confident in herself and her uniqueness, somethings she does are a bit outside the box and not typically 'cool' in society but she doesn't try to hide it from people, she is like 'This is me, this is what I like, I don't care what you think' and she makes me realise I can do what I want and be whoever I want to, without fear of judgement.
  • Smile more! She was always smiling. That had such a positive effect on me every day in work and it make me realise the power of a smile. I want to smile more so I can have a positive effect on other people too. 
  • Success does not define you. It doesn't matter if you finished uni, have a degree, or have a super good career. What really defines you as a person is your attitude and your vision of the world.
  • How you treat others is the most important thing. Before, I wouldn't have put much effort into my treatment of others. I mean, I was always nice to everyone and never rude but now I feel like going above and beyond to be extra kind towards people because I saw the effect her being like that had on me and others. Just simple things like saying 'hello name' with a friendly smile to everyone in work when you see them first. It sounds really silly but it has such a warm effect. 

They are just a handful of things she taught me. I hate goodbyes and I'm super sad I won't see her everyday any more but I'm glad I got to know her because as cheesy as this all sounds she really inspires me to be better. Yeah, this has to be my cheesiest post ever!

I would love to know if there is someone in your life that you feel has a positive influence on you! Do let me know in the comments ;) 

Sinéad xo

Sunday Morning Chats

I woke up this morning with an urge to write, not about anything in particular but just to let the words flow out on the page. I used to occasionally do these kind of random blog posts without any definite topic but it must be over a year since my last one like that! So here goes!

I am happy to report I have an extra long weekend off! I'm off Saturday to Tuesday, waheyy! I think it must be my first time having 4 days off since Christmas, apart from when I went to Prague but that's not the same as being off at home and honestly I did so much going and walking in Prague that it wasn't exactly a relaxing holiday. 

My mini break didn't get off to such a great start because I felt SO emotional Friday night, it was weird I wasn't happy or particularly sad I was just so overwhelmed with feelings about everything, I had such a big cry in bed before I went to sleep. Then the next day my time of the month came so I guess that explained everything haha and apart from a few lady cramps I've been feeling great!

I hadn't planned on doing anything exciting for the four days, but then crazy old me who loves to treat myself decided to book into a hotel my cousin manages in the coastal town of Kilkee, Co.Clare. And let me tell you, I am so excited! As a child from the ages of about 7 to 12 I went here every summer with my family sometimes for 3 nights and sometimes a week! This was my absolute favorite place as a child. It was like my paradise. I remember all the stories I used to write in school would be set in Kilkee. Some of my most memorable moments as a child were in Kilkee. So I can't wait to go back and see it with my adult eyes, it probably won't live up to how I remember haha!

Initially I wanted to stay two nights; Sunday and Monday but since I had left it to the very last minute the Sunday night was all booked out (duh Monday is a bank holiday!) So I will just be staying on the Monday with my mum. We're planning on driving around and exploring the area because the coastal landscape is absolutely stunning down there. I will bring my big camera to take some killer photos of course! I especially want to go see the Cliffs of Moher which are one of the biggest tourist attractions in Ireland and I have never seen, them. I hear they're breathtaking so I can't wait to see them. Apart from that we're just going to relax, have some dinner and a couple of drinks. Hopefully it will be fun!

Right, I am off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday! I am just chilling at home with my family. Sunday's are family days for me! We're going to have dinner together and maybe go for a walk in the park!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend! Let me know if you're doing anything fun :) 

Sinéad x

My fear of missing out on fate

I have this stupid fear, of missing out on fate which doesn't really make since considering the definition of fate is 'an event predetermined by a supernatural power', so technically you can't miss out on what's 'meant to be'. Maybe what I'm experiencing is fomo (fear of missing out!). But every time I do something or go somewhere and something amazing happens, maybe even life changing I believe that it was fate and it was laid out for me. The problem is I then find myself terrified by the fact that if I had decided not to go there/do that then it wouldn't have happened.

Learning how to be alone

Work is the perfect distraction. As much as I complain about it and have to be nearly pulled out of bed in the mornings to get ready to go and as much as I long for my days off, being busy at work and constantly being surrounded by people means I never feel a sense of loneliness. It's lazy and boring days like today when that creeps in.

My Natural Radiant Make-Up Look

Hey Everyone! How are you all doing on this Tuesday morning? Today I thought I would share a make-up look I am loving at the moment. I have always loved the dewy, healthy glowing make-up look. I am the kinda girl who always goes for radiant foundations over matte and I am a self-confessed highlight addict. So I thought I would share with you some of the products I use to achieve this look and exactly how I do it! 

Break-Ups | Feelings & How I'm Coping

So this is a super personal blog post. But break-ups are something we all go through in life, no matter who you are or where you're from I'm pretty sure you've been through a break-up or will go through one in the future, unless you're lucky enough to marry the first man you date! Nevertheless, when we're going through a break-up we often forget just how universal those feelings are, we can feel so lonely and like you're the only one in the world who's every felt that way. That's why I've decided to write this post, to maybe help make someone else feel less alone if they find themselves in a similar situation. Also, writing all this out is the best form or therapy. 

So I'll try not to go too much in to the break-up itself. We had been together for one year. It was honestly the best year ever for me, we had so much fun together and we were very much in love. I had been looking for a guy like him for ages but kept getting let down by too many jerks, but one night he randomly walked in to my life, was gorgeous and was everything I was looking for - a  life companion, I did everything with. 

Prague | A Fairytale City

Hey everyone! So first things first this post has to come with a very strong *photo heavy* warning but you see I was in Prague last week for five nights and when you see these pictures you will realise why it was so hard for me to put my camera down. This city is beautiful beyond words, with every street and every building more breathtaking than the last. It's one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe and lays claim to the largest castle in the world which sits nicely on a height over the city. This along with the magical Charles bridge made for a beautiful scene, one which I visited over and over and sat and took in for ages on the trip. We even stood on the bridge for like an hour one evening watching it get dark, and the lights come on around the city.